Ten Most Asked Questions

1. Can I have a portrait on a memorial?

Yes, if the cemetery allows them. Portraits can either be etched or in porcelain. Most cemeteries allow etched portraits. Porcelains can come in black & white or color, and are attached to the memorial.

2. Can you duplicate a marker already at the cemetery?

Yes, a staff member will go to the cemetery, take a picture, measurements, and trace the memorial and do their very best to duplicate it.

3. Do you engrave in other languages, such as Hebrew?

Yes, all languages can be duplicated.

4. Do you go to the cemetery and put lettering on existing memorials?


5. Do you use lithocrome on memorials?

Yes, we can do lithochrome; we have black, gray, brown, white and gold. Lithocrome is stone paint that can be put in the grooves of the lettering. *Not all cemeteries allow lithocrome.

6. How do I clean my memorial?

We offer professional cleaning where we use an acid based product, but for a simple cleaning you can use dish soap and water and a little bleach. We have a pamphlet that goes into further detail - just email us for a copy. 

7. Do you carry vases and urns?

Yes we do. We have Metalcraft vases that need to be used exclusively in the Catholic Diocese Cemeteries, and we carry Nadco granite turned vases. We also carry cremation and keepsake cremation urns.

8. Can you explain the different symbols and help with an inscription?

Absolutely. We have a booklet with Sayings, Epitaphs, Poems, Floral symbols, crosses, and saints. Some of the most popular inscriptions are: In Loving Memory - Beloved Mother/Father/Son/Daughter - In God's Care. Most popular symbols are: Cross - Praying Hands - Book/Bible - Angel - Dove 

9. Where do the different granites come from?

They come from all over the world. The domestic granites we use the most include Barre Gray, North American Pink, and Mahogany. Imported granites include Black, Bahama Blue, Paradiso, and Classic Red. These can come from Africa to Asia and availability must be checked prior to ordering; possible wait time can be 4 to 6 months.

10. How long before the memorial will go into the cemetery?

Most cemeteries put down a cement foundation under most markers and all monuments/memorials and there is a fee to do this. Since all cemeteries have rules and regulations, we submit an application with a pictured diagram of the memorial with its measurements on it along with the fee. We then wait for the cemetery to approve the memorial, and call to let us know when the foundation is in and ready. This seems to take a long time, as some cemeteries only pour foundations once or twice a year.