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Headstone, Tombstone, Gravestone, Memorials

When it's time to select a cemetery grave memorial, turn to the experts in gravestone, urns and memorials.

Whether you choose a granite tombstone, cremation urn, or grave marker, they will erect it correctly and engrave it beautifully - and at a reasonable cost.

With Bottone Memorials, you are assured of the finest craftsmanship and guaranteed top-quality products.

They work carefully with you and your family to develop an appropriate design with the images, wording, and letter style that you prefer.

Drawing from your ideas, pictures or sketches, they proved you with several realistic computer-generated designs, and set the memorial at the gravesite only after you have approved a detailed layout.

We offer the ease of designing and creating your loved one's memorial virtually.  All designing is done virtually through email/mail/phone; virtual appointments can be made as well.


Tombstone - Headstone - Memorial

All are words to describe a lasting tribute to a person or family. This final tribute can be made out of granite or bronze, designed just the way you want it. At Bottone Memorials, Inc. they have granite and bronze memorials from small markers to large uprights. They will help you select the best size to suit your budget and cemetery requirements. Pricing is subject to the size of the memorial, color, design, and lettering but Bottone Memorials, Inc. will help you with ease.


Granite Memorials

Granite is ranked 7 on the Mohs hardness scale of 1 to 10. It is one of the hardest known materials of mankind but does need to be cleaned periodically. Designs are made into the granite's hard surface by either sandblasting or etching.
*Sandblasting - a much deeper cut in the granite and can be either flat or shape carved. Examples of shaped carvings would be praying hands and flowers, especially roses.
*Etching - this is done by laser and only takes off the top polished layer of granite. You can choose from their collection of designs or bring in a picture or portrait that you want etched on the memorial. (recommended for black granite only)


Bronze Memorials

Bronze memorials are cast from the highest quality metals. There are many designs to choose from, as well as emblems to personalize your memorial.
*Lasting Memories - You can take personal family pictures, up to 6, and they are embedded into the bronze for a truly unique memorial.
*Matching Veteran's Memorials - Duplicate memorials can be made for spouses or other family members.



Schenectady / Albany / Troy / Amsterdam 
New York

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